"Why Do You Want To Learn Karate?" This was the first question I was asked when I started Karate in 1998. My answer was "To Learn How to Fight". Today, Karate means a lot me to me than just knowing how to fight; it's about Respect, both for yourself and those around you. It's about Control, controlling the environment you are in; it's also about Awareness, who you are with, what they are doing, how they are acting. Karate has not taught me to fight as I once wanted; it's taught me something different, taught me to avoid confrontations. Of course, knowing Karate does give it the edge.
I started learning martial arts from a young age, after seeing a program about Judo on what was once known as LWT, I knew I had found an interest I enjoyed. A few years later I took up Ju Jitsu, but I found myself at home with Karate.
My first lesson was with Sensei Paul Shephard and I shortly started training with Sensei Shearer. Together with the knowledge and skills of both Sensei's my karate developed and I took my Shodan under Sensei Paul Perry in July 2008. A daunting experience, the only student taking Shodan, I was out in front of all the instructors and other students.
In 2010 I took Nidan under Sensei's Barry Shearer, Paul Shephard, Phil Shire and Gary Battrick.
In 2014 I took Sandan under Sensei's Barry Shearer and Paul Shephard.
Seishin-Ryu Karate Club has grown from strength to strength over the years and I am proud to be a part of it. What I have learnt I am now passing on to the students I teach.
Outside Karate, I enjoy other sporting activities like Clay Shooting and Football and when allowed, I'm able to watch F1 from start to finish.