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Sensei Ashley Gouthro (Sandan Shotokan, Nidan Renshinkan) has over 40 years experience in Karate. He began in 1970 at the University of New Mexico with Sensei Steve Clapper, who subsequently went into the Navy leaving Sensei Gary Purdue to teach. His friendship with Sensei Purdue was a constant and enduring one which lasted until 2014 when Mr. Purdue, then a 9th dan, passed away.

During the 20 years Ashley's wife, Linda, served in the USAF, continued he studied various other systems, but his main thrust was Shotokan. During that time, he trained in Alaska and received his Shodan in Shotokan from Senseis Anthony Nakazawa and Greer Golden. In 1997, Nidan was achieved in Philadelphia from a panel including Master Okazaki and his teachers at the time, Shihan Najib Amin and his son, Shihan Farid Amin.

In 2003, he began Renshinkan in Gainesville with Senseis Alex Heyman and Mike Black, achieving Shodan in 2009. and Nidan in 2016. In 2007, he received his Sandan in Shotokan from Sensei Gary Purdue, his old friend and Sensei.

He continues to train in Gainesville with Senseis Black, Jason Dodd, Eli Hall and Marty Nemenyi in the Excecutive Class here at Global Mixed Martial Arts. He also trains and is an instructor at Perry Dojo in Perry, Florida with his now Kenkojutsu Shotokan Sensei, Shihan Jimmy Bowden