Gill Mulholland, 1st Dan

Hi, I'm Gill a retired teacher, mum and gran, now working part-time at a kennels and cattery. Walking is one of my main pastimes and I love gardening and anything related to animals, wildlife and nature.

I was already in my fifties when I discovered karate and was hooked from the minute I stepped into the dojo. That was 7 and a half years ago and I've trained regularly two or three times a week since then.

Karate isn't easy and that's part of the attraction for me as I relish a challenge. The mental stimulation means that it is a fantastic stress relief - there's no time to think about anything else when training. Regular karate training is also physically challenging and has definitely improved my all-round fitness levels, but perhaps the biggest benefit for me has been an increase in confidence and the development of a more positive attitude in general.