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First started martial arts training as a junior in November1964 practising judo. Throughout the nineteen sixties and seventies he became active in Wado-Ryu karate and ju-jitsu as well as judo.
In the early seventies Joe had to give up judo and ju-jitsu due to a recurring ankle injury but carried on with Wado-Ryu karate. After a brief spell of training in Taekwondo, Joe found his metier in Shotokan practising in Ipswich for over 6 years until Sensei Phil Shire founded the Sizewell club in February 1987. He feels proud of being one of the founder members of this organisation.
When Joe began training in Sizewell club he was 1st kyu and with dedication and passion climbed the ladder of Dan grades, passing 5th Dan. 
Now in his mid-sixties and despite a battle with health Joe showed his dedication to his karate and his club by taking over as Lead Instructor from Sensei Shire and helping with the administration of the club. Joe's vast range of experience of different styles and dedication to his Art, combined with a depth of patience make him particularly effective as a teacher.